Company Profile

Seje Dewe Furniture is an Online and Offline Furniture Store. The number one quality of teak and mahogany is made and carved by Jepara Original Craftsmen, is a distinctive motif as our guarantee, the City of Jepara is known as the City of Carving / City of Furniture, our products are the work of Original Hand Jepara products, which are carried out by reliable and professional carpenters experienced, besides all that and even so, we still establish ukhuwwah and cooperation with craftsmen in the Jepara region.

We offer security and convenience in shopping, both online and offline, all of our products are with motif designs and sizes that you can define yourself, but we have an overview of the design catalog, which you can see in the catalog list. The number one quality of teak and mahogany made and carved by Jepara craftsmen, is a distinctive motif as our guarantee.

Therefore, in entering the competitive business world, we need to have a vision and mission, to provide super quality products, effective, efficient, and of course at affordable prices.

It is our vision – mission and historical background that drives us to never stop focusing on customer satisfaction in providing service and high quality standards, thus forming a vision and mission:


To be the best furniture service company in Indonesia.


Provide and overcome the economic crisis solutions that occur.

A trusted and reliable partner.

Provide benefits and value for customers and all stakeholders.

Building a network of cooperation to participate in and support national economic development

With the support of more than furniture craftsmen in Jepara and its surroundings, the availability of goods is almost 90% of the types of goods available in SEJE DEWE FURNITURE CATALOG. We always try to maintain the trust of customers, with a total of 20 staff and various resources that we strive to provide the best in quality products and services.

We work directly, and we have also provided awards with craftsmen throughout the Jepara region, shipping furniture from the factory directly to customers, we will offer the best offer for you. Your goal is our priority, your goal is our priority.

We are ready to be your partner in the furniture business

Those are the details of the company profile of the Seje Dewe Furniture workshop, thank you for your attention and cooperation.